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Lorna Davison Redwigwam28 Feb 2022
Case study: RedwigwamSarah Goulden

Redwigwam are a Liverpool tech business disrupting the world of recruitment. We caught up with CEO and Founder Lorna Davidson to see how Gather has helped the business grow and her thoughts on flexible working post the pandemic.

Paalan Sood 012 Feb 2022
Case study: Sood MarketingSarah Goulden

Sood Marketing is an agency focused on making a difference: to their clients, the young people of St Helens and their community. We caught up with founder Paalan Sood to hear about how Gather has helped him become a better leader and shape the future of the business.

Farm Urban 013 Dec 2021
Case study: Farm UrbanSarah Goulden

Climate Change has never been more pressing, the green economy has never been bigger, and sustainable food production has never been higher up the agenda. Farm Urban are a Liverpool enterprise determined to play a part in delivering food for the future for everyone.

Make Thread 16 9 0128 Sep 2021
Make Thread: shaking up the fashion industrySarah Goulden

The way the world does business is changing. The impact of climate change, government net-zero pledges, and purpose-driven consumers mean sustainable and ethical business practices can no longer be consigned to a paragraph in a strategy doc.

Snapify case study30 Jul 2021
Case Study: Snapify MarketingSarah Goulden

Hear how Gather helped Snapify Marketing has helped Director Ross Hetherington take time away from the business to focus on their future direction.

Yozu Casestudy30 Jun 2021
Case Study: YozuSarah Goulden

Yozu are a tech firm who solve complex issues for businesses who want to operate better. Since attending several of Gather courses Paul and the team have established a solid platform for future growth.

Gather Digest 4 Imagery ask Eddi2 Mar 2021
Case Study: AskEddiSarah Goulden

Find out how Gather gave askEddi the support and space to not just weather the pandemic but pivot their business to take advantage of new opportunities.

Gather Digest 3 Kenyons2 Mar 2021
Case Study: KenyonsSarah Goulden

Hear how Gather helped Kenyons weather the storm of the pandemic and reflect on the future of the business.

Case study Uniform2 Mar 2021
Case Study: UniformSarah Goulden

Hear how Mettle and Shift helped the board at Uniform take stock, move with the market, and find new frameworks for strategic thinking.

Gather Digest 1 MGISS28 Jan 2021
Case study: MGISSSarah Goulden

Find out how Gather has helped one Liverpool tech company find their path to growth and secure valuable innovation funding.