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Abi Headshot8 Sep 2023
Meet Abi Shuttleworth, our new Programme ManagerLaureece Nuttall

From supporting leaders to cultivating her garden, hear what makes our growth-focused Programme Manager Abi tick…

Agile leadership with Rupal PatelLaureece Nuttall

CIA agent turned entrepreneur Rupal Patel has navigated war zones, military briefing rooms, and corporate boardrooms in an all-action career. Check out what her session at the Beyond Leadership Gathering had to offer.

BALTIC VENTURES 12 11 Jun 2023
Get support: Baltic VenturesLaureece Nuttall

Are you an emerging tech business? Looking to secure funding to scale and grow? Baltic Ventures can help. We caught up with Community Manger Becca Harvey to get the lowdown on the hottest new accelerator in town.

2296039541 huge1 Jun 2023
5 lessons we can learn from EurovisionLaureece Nuttall

Whether you're a seasoned mega fan or a wowed onlooker, it’s beyond doubt that Eurovision in Liverpool was an enormous success.