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5 lessons we can learn from EurovisionLaureece Nuttall

Whether you're a seasoned mega fan or a wowed onlooker, it’s beyond doubt that Eurovision in Liverpool was an enormous success.

Rock n roll monkey F Tfj Mijq Ws unsplash1 Jun 2023
Creativity and AILaureece Nuttall

The robots are coming. Here to take our ideas, our business... and our client amends. Appealing as the last in that list might sound, the downfall of humanity may have been exaggerated. The creative human brain isn't redundant. Whisper it, AI could actually help us to do things better.

Image4 May 2023
Get support: LCR Grad SchemeLaureece Nuttall

Looking to connect with graduate talent? Want free support with your recruitment? The LCR Grad Scheme can help. We caught up with project manager Greg Hunter to get the lowdown.

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How to improve your concentration and tackle distractionsLaureece Nuttall

Should you be doing something else rather than reading this blog? Do you think you might struggle to reach the end of it?